About Isotopes Arabia
We are a Premier Distributor for
NDT Materials.
Isotopes Arabia Ltd. is a Premier Distributor for Radiography, MPI, DPI, UT and other NDT Materials. We are centrally located in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, allowing us to provide high-quality ndt materials and services. Our specialty is NDT Inspection Products. We stock a full line of industrial radiography, a wide variety of RT MATERIALS for any Industrial application. Additionally, we deal with manpower services(Electrical, Mechanical, and Crane services), assuring us success to the greatest possible. We can deliver your order in just time, we offer quick deliveries across the middle east.
Among the many select items we offer are The products we handle have been utilized for numerous heavy-duty industrial and institutional applications, including those within the petrochemicals and other industrial applications.
From high-quality projectors/cameras and UT Machines, to manpower services, we have the right products to make any finished materials safe, easier, and more efficient. Additionally, we offer preventive maintenance and services for projectors, crank units etc.
we assure you of high-quality service of each equipment, our service engineer is duly certified and trained abroad. We guarantee that every equipment maintained and delivered to our clients works perfectly and safe to use.
Our preventive maintenance software allow us to produce certificate report in various format (.pdf, word, etc.). Once we collected your equipment, you can download your Maintenance Certificate Report to our Database.

Contact Us

  1. Isotopes Arabia Ltd.
  2. P.O Box 1288, Al-Khobar 31952,
  3. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  4. Tel. +966 3 895 66 56
  5. Fax +966 3 865 64 97
  6. Mail: info@isotopes-sa.com