Sky Pumps Est.
We provide pumping and dewatering solution
for all applications
Sky Dewatering has extensive experience in delivering dewatering solutions and know-how for the MENA and Saudi Arabian region. Sky Dewatering specializes in wellpoint dewatering and deep well dewatering systems for groundwater control. We can provide prompt solution in line with the customer's requirement and have a varied range of dewatering plant and equipment to render dewatering services for immediate hire or sale. The equipment fleet includes a range of self - priming centrifugal dewatering pumps, a range of bore hole deep well pumps as well and a full selection of dewatering accessories.
Dewatering in the coastal region development within Saudi is a critical and responsible construction scope of your project. We would propose you to have efficient groundwater control system installed on site, which could avoid possible unforeseen ground related issues during excavation. If professional help is not taken with regards to the dewatering services that could lead to costly and difficult problems, with serious implications for the project and operator Health and Safety. That's where Sky Dewatering can support you and offer a professional and cost effective dewatering solution.
Sky Dewatering provides the broad pump hire range, regional coverage and specialist expertise to solve the challenging pumping problems faced by the water industry, local agencies and other water handling service providers across Saudi Arabia and Gulf States.

We provide a range of hire pumps and pump expertise to support a range of complex industrial and manufacturing processes - including petrochemicals. Whether its for one off specialist processes, for waste management or for temporary cover for fixed pump installation repairs and maintenance, we have a range of pump hire solutions to assist you.

We can provide the following:

  1. Overall site survey and assessment.
  2. Wide range of pumps and ancillary equipment for hire
  3. Can cater to various fluid pumping application
  4. We are committed to service diesel hire pumps every 2 weeks
  5. We constantly work towards providing full support and cover the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  6. Capable to provide economical pumping solutions and expertise on projects large and small
  7. We adhere to the HSE requirements and respect the Kingdom of Saudi Arabian eco-friendly standards