Ahmed Yahya Al-Yami Establishment is a Saudi owned Company based in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. It has Multinational Personnel that have been working in the kingdom for almost three decades.
The Company was established in 1978 and has been involved in numerous Saudi Aramco, Royal Commission and SEC projects all over the Eastern, Western, and Central Region of the kingdom.
With our ISO 9001-2008 certified personnel, Saudi ARAMCO approved Quality Control Plan and Safety Plan, Saudi Aramco Certified Heavy Equipment Operators, Welders, High Voltage Cable Splicers, Work Permit Receivers, QC Management and Inspectors, Safety Engineers, Scaffolding Supervisors, and Riggers and coupled with the most modern tools, equipment, and construction methods, we expect to continue to enhance our reputation as a High Quality Contractor well into the future.
Mission: Our mission is to lead a continuous improvement process and raising the bar in civil engineering and construction, while delivering superlative quality and customer satisfaction. In constant perseverance for making a better tomorrow, we will forever remain committed to what we do with unparalleled passion and team spirit.
Vision: To become the most preferred company and the pioneers in civil engineering and construction. We truly differentiate ourselves by redefining the standards of our business, and we aim at becoming the benchmark for quality in our area of expertise.

Why Us ?

At Al-Yami, we believe only good things come with age. Having an unsurpassed track record of completed projects – small and large; simple and complex – has instilled confidence and trust among our clients that we have the best practices, extensive contacts and state-of-the-art technology to get the job done. Experience has taught our firm and its professionals the importance of responsiveness and the true value of teamwork. We know how to hire and develop top-notch professionals. After decades in business, Al-Yami has experienced it all. The field of Civil Engineering is continuously evolving and we are committed to thought leadership and keeping up with industry developments. Our clients and business partners have always appreciated and trusted our knowledge.