Sky Dewatering has extensive experience in delivering dewatering solutions in MENA and Saudi Arabian region. Sky Dewatering specializes in wellpoint dewatering and deep well dewatering systems for groundwater control. We provide solution in line with the customer's requirement and have a varied range of dewatering plant and equipment to render dewatering services for immediate hire or sale.
Group Company Image
Group Company Image
  • Overall site survey and assessment.
  • Wide range of pumps and ancillary equipment for hire
  • Can cater to various fluid pumping application
  • We are committed to service diesel hire pumps every 2 weeks
  • We constantly work towards providing full support and cover the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Capable to provide economical pumping solutions and expertise on projects large and small
  • We adhere to the HSE requirements and respect the Kingdom of Saudi Arabian eco-friendly standards


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